Round Feet

Your walls don't scare me
I've got some too
I can dance circles around your boiling water
Even when it splatters on me
It's nothing like the insecurity
that from time to time still grips me
I wish there was a way to show you how I feel
Without it sounding stupid or unreal
Between the round feet
And the legs
that sometimes act as if they belong in some sort of freak show
I never learned some of the things that most women already know
I know i'm a little demanding
And I have a selfish soul
But I want you to know
I give to you, for no other reason than I want to
I believe in you because you give me reasons to
I don't want to push, crowd and/or smother you
When I'm with you I just want to be
I don't want to plan anything
All that does is scare me
I promise not to take you for granted
Or betray your trust
I'll let you accept my round feet
In your own way
In your own time
I'm just grateful for your friendship
And that we have the ability to take things one step at a time!

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