Trudging through with silver rings
Marked with gold
We are the kings
Standing next to my throne
I look around
I feel alone

Watching from an empty room
Nobody around, wasted in gloom
Diamond makes perfect company
With nothing to do
No one to see,
Am I really free?

Light is faded like my voice
People don’t understand,
This isn’t a choice
Left to die, born to live
What is right
When wrong is dead

Sitting now, still alone
I only came for the show
People laugh, people smile
They ask me to stay awhile
Without thinking, I agree
Not understood, it’s not destiny

Breaking free, running far
Nowhere to go
I won’t make it long
Eyes too sleepy
Heart too racing
I have to stop, I'm tired of chasing.

Chasing after my lost fate,
Running from everyone’s hate
I can't take it!
I would say
But they don't care
You're lost anyway.

Hands drag me back,
It’s too late to run
Everything stops
I know I'm done for
Nobody knows, but I'm so tired
I take the gun.


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