I’ll be the driver whenever you need a ride
Hello Bonnie forever your partner in crime like Clyde
Black queen to me you’re more Cleopatra
King like Tut royalty address us as such here after
I’m Adam to your Eve not scared of the forbidden fruit
Apple of my eye memorized by the pour of your juice
Black queen mother of earth bare blessings from womb
Black girl magic flow free on display far beyond tomb
No matter the odds no power to be can cause doom
Black queen a flower the aesthetic sight upon royalty’s bloom
A soldier at war for the matters of his heart
The beauty our kind glows with more of a fine art
Nobody to follow after each of our shadow
The peak of the mountain we are every plateau
A knight of honor through warrior’s delight
For the ruling kingdom one truly lives to fight
King for queen he must take extreme measure
For peasants aim for spoil on glorious treasure
A great nation shall always stand against all olds
Royal leaders of ancient mythology whom resemble Greek Gods
Leave no prisoners in search of the victory
Sneak past enemy territory with masterful infantry
Black queen a voice of the cherished people
An persona not many can find a suitable equal
Black queen a sister soul encoded with royalty

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