Rubber Boots

Like hard rubber boots, we never broke in.
We created countless blisters that never healed ""
And the ones that did heal still left scars.
I ignored it all.
I tolerated more than I should have.
I chose to keep walking,
But instead of walking away,
I kept walking circles around you.
It was a dance I was familiar with.
I made myself dizzy and completely lost my bearings.
I forgot what it meant to be me.
The life I wanted was thousands of kilometers away,
Yet, here I was, listening to your words.
Your words that insinuated my incompetence,
Melded into my experience of worthlessness,
And what felt like insanity.
I knew it would never stop until I took those boots off.
I knew this but I still wore them.
I walked until my feet bled.
I thought I needed you to keep out the rain.
That was, until I realized,
That I endured the rain for you and only you.

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