Rude Awakening

July 1st, 2015
The day I seen "the light"
"the dark" I should say.
Things that came into focus
were cold, ugly, dark, and grey.

Boundaries were stomped on!
Morality didn't exist.
Trust got beaten down;
with an iron fist.

Betrayal gained a new meaning
nothing was as it seemed.
A horrific nightmare
from out of my worst dreams.

Family you'd give your life for,
wouldn't hesitate to shit on yours!
Naïve to the deceit
you get what you deserve.

The people that are present,
convinced you of their love.
While lying to your face,
then sweeping it under the rug.

They're laughing in your face!
High- fiving behind your back!
Amused by your pain,
and your struggle to react.

As just one individual
I just cant comprehend.
The evil negativity lurking
waiting to poison the good that's within.

You take a step back.
Then from the outside looking in,
witness everything for what it really is
welcoming death to free you from this.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem when the father of my children and mate for 12 years, left me for my sister.