My legs are strong
they can carry me far
my worries left behind
in the back of my car
not a care in the world
as I run with the wind
the sweat is my friend
as it drips from my head
to the rhythmic pounding of my legs
The tension is torn from my soul like a page
Ripped clean from the weathered book of this day
The crumpled remains fall in my wake
As I silently ignore
all my daily mistakes
The circle I run
is a loop I repeat
the cushioned soles of my shoes
are the mates to my feet
as I run through my world
as I bake in the heat
I pass other runners
they look graceful to me
I imagine them smiling
staring at my back in envy
my body is mine
my private machine
I can make it run graceful
I can make it run mean
I control every facet
I control every gear
I can run like the devil
I can run without fear
The song in my ears controls the speed that I fly
The music in my soul
creates the runner's high
My legs are strong
my tension obscene
they can carry me far
not far enough for me

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This Poems Story

It's about getting back in touch with your world through direct contact and it's about getting back in touch with your body and connecting it directly to that world.