I can see myself in the glassy reflection of your eyes,
I'm a Monster.
A girl who can no longer control herself,
A girl you used to like- maybe love.
I haven't always been this way -Crazy
So caught up in the thoughts in my head,
That I don't eat, won't eat, and forget to eat,Whatever you call it.
It's killing me, making me sick, I try to fight through it,
Put myself on a schedule, but it fails.
High School makes you busy, makes you forget.
So, you're sitting here. just looking at me,
Reminding me that I have a problem, a disorder.
I have ways to cope, besides the schedule.
I used to run-anytime it got bad.
Run the thoughts right out of my head.
"You are fat; you will never be good enough."
Enough adrenaline and they would be gone.
Next thing you know, I'm at home.
Eating - and I'm Healthy.
That's what you are doing,Running.
Away from the situation because it's too much,
Away from me because I'm not worth it,
Away from the problem because it angers you.
Leaving me alone,Maybe I'll get some help,Or maybe I'll just run.

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