Run Away

I don't even know where I should start or what to say.
She looks at me frightened,
Hoping I won't look her way.
Like a flower that is bruised,
Beaten broken, she is used.
All her dreams have been refused,
Yet her beauty's not defused.
But she can't tell them no, no she can't tell them no.
So she works that pole just like it's her last show.
In public she smiles, thinking this is for awhile,
But you know it's just a lie, the truth she can't deny.
I know all the things that she's been through;
I tell her, I am there for you.

So she said she'll run away?
Yea, she said she'll run away.
Will she really runaway? Yea I think she'll run away.
Be tomorrow or today? She just said she'll run away.
Don't believe her. She will stay.
No, she said she'll run away.
When you asked her, what'd she say?
She said meet me by the lake.
Packed her bags for today, she will run away!
But she seems like such a flake.
No, she said she'll run away.
She will, she will, run away!

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