Run deep

When the river run deep ,don't take it personal just because your not qualified for my worth, my deepest respect for you is just as about as much respect as you have for yourself, my deepest regret,when the river run dry,all bridges burn the base get strong no longer running living with regret ,feeling like I'm running a race, I'm above it all, when the river run dry,not one tear will I shed, I lost all respect for you since day one, still I put my selfish thoughts on the line ,knowing you weren't worth my time ,petty attention, ungodly vibes trying to fit in where you never began, when the river run dry ,have you lost your mind I never came chasing for your love, sure I offered mines but it was never written in stone that you were my favorite,to many unknown competitions that's lurking around not enough love going around.

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This poem is based on the truth, regret,strength, and lack of love.