Run forest run

Getting everything
Name, fame, big reputation
A false image you create of yourself
For others to live up to
But your peace of mind
Seems to be at stake
Nuts surround you
From all around you
Having no brain
Maybe they're too intellectual
Or maybe they're suffering
From their own disdain
You find them
Screaming, At your ears
Troubling your mind thus making
Thou great insight blind
ill manners
Filled with spoiled thoughts
Is their mind
Their very presence makes you sick
Makes you feel weak
But they always have by their side
Sessions of their spoiled life lessons
To give
They think they're too brilliant
But They don't know shit
But rather they always Talk shit
Listen to their craps
For once try placing your head in their laps
And you would realise
They return you only with their slaps
I am the one, I know
But do I have to show? No!
Stay clam, Be gentle, speak low
Rather let your insides glow
Stealthily come in an untamed flow
In order to make their very minds blow
Who knows when tomorrow will be a nector sweet
When they and you will someday meet
They would shower compassion from their very hearts
With no spoiled lessons for you to give
With No faulty aims for you to dart
It will be a new start
When everyone would realise the beauty of thou art!
With brimming gladness from their very hearts
Then it will be the new start
Like the very first ray of sun
Which brings back to you
Once again all the fun
With people by your side
Making you feel the Impossible
A thing get simply done
Run, Run forrest, Run
Find your sun
Run towards the direction
Of the very first ray of it
Whose light slowly and gradually
Advances your gears
Turns your vision bright
As you finally begin to learn
What is real and actually right
Thus making a leap of faith
As you finally
Jump off the scene
You would realise that
Finally, you have Win!

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