Couldn't stop myself from wanting to run into traffic
So instead I just ran. I just ran.
And now my life is all running.
Away from and towards.
It's painful, physically and mentally, always running.
It's tearing up the soles of my feet,
and my lungs are collapsing.
I'm resilient, yet I'm lacking stamina.
Driven, but I'm losing strength,
Because running day after day, minute after minute,
Is exhausting and all I want is to give in and give up.
I've wasted all my breath, gasping desperately
For the air as it rushes by me.
I wasted all of this precious time running,
Instead of fighting.
My knuckles should be scarred and worn down.
My eyes should be black,
And my nose should be bloodied.
Instead I cowardly made the decision to run
Thinking it was brave.
I ran. I'm still running.
Now my body is tired and my mind is gone,
And I don't know how to stop.

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