Running from Love

Running to find a way out
Calling to get an answer
Looking to find a light,inhaling for air

Here I stay trapped in my own mind
It watches as I suffer
Scratching against the black painted walls
I turn towards the noise but nothing shows

I stay searching, but then i give in
Falling to my knees I cover my eyes
hoping it wont find me
Hurting me every time it stays.
How can I get away and not be seen

There is no way
It breaths down my neck trying to consume me with it's powerful eyes
It takes me into its arms and swings me around
There i go again, my head dizzy with the feeling
Slowly it fills me up until i want more
but then suddenly it stops, one by one its fingers leaves my body

Suddenly i'm falling, lower and lower i go
I hit the ground harder than before
I lay there still, broken from the fall

Again i hear the claws on the black painted walls
Again I stand
Again I run

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