Running out of time

We are destroying one another verbally,
Why not just read our Bibles an install
the word,
It makes sense doesn't it,
Watching us all disappear into our own minds,
I can't fathom the situations I'm seeing,
I'm catching all the warning signs,
Check out the rebellious young generation,
Carrying on in a manner with no indication,
Not hiding the evilness that they once kept inside,
Showing us the hate that was bottled up laying deep in their minds,
We are all angry an it's all uncontrollable,
I observe and stay away because God will never be replaceable,
It's like we're digging our own plots free of charge,
Beware everyone the evil is at large,
This thief is taking your mind,body,happiness,kindness,an worse of all your soul,
Damaging your ability of greatness,
Making your hearts cold,
Light and dark has fallen into competition,
I must keep up with light so it's time to assume my position,
Fearfully studying my clock because it's ticking,
Keeping myself silenced to be assure I don't miss the sound of the clicking,
I'm leaving every individual that's enjoying this hatred behind,
The remainder of us are going to war till we end up above safe on the inside,
I'm making sure I bring everything with me that is mines,
People follow my lead because we're all running out of time

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