Running Towards Procasination

Dreaming of a future towards fulfilling a positive purpose.
Leaving the past behind trying to remain above the surface.
Cramping in my hands from speaking boldly through this ink on paper.
Thinking before I speak because there is no vocal eraser.
Dreams will remain still until they are set into motion.
Belief in one's self is a must, for there is no magical potion.
Sometimes we lose focus of our goals seeking outside of our passions.
Trying not to fold, coming apart like a safety belt unfastened.
Waking up to the realization that we are on this earth for a reason.
Waiting too long to live is like the slowly passing of each season.
The power of words is something we should never underestimate.
Our stories are different but invisible if we continue to hesitate.
Negative thinking will only lead us to that rock at the bottom.
Positivity is in my grip,trying to leave the past regret forgotten.
Waking up today ready to live walking towards my destination.
No more holding back, I'm finished running towards procasination.

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