Rural Legend

One glorious spring day,
a young urban prince on a knowledge quest,
encountered an unforeseen delay in the countryside
His trusted motorized steed had become exhausted due to thirst
So as he traveled down the slate paved road
in search of the nearest town,
a fair golden-haired damsel
came unbidden to his aid
She had predetermined his dilemma,
yet still asked him to declare his cause
Brandishing her metal-spitting saber,
she offered assistance
only after his answer pleased her
Observing his conduct as they rode,
she could tell he was of royal upbringing ---
his demeanor, mannerisms and speech
Impeccable was each
She was smitten straightaway
When they found an inn and stable,
got what they needed, then were they able
to refresh themselves with chat and dine
Under a big twin oak tree shade,
they ate, laughed and drank lemonade;
telling tales of love, loss, triumph and defeat
When it came time to part ways,
the urban prince looked upon her with a long held gaze
Then he thanked her for her help,
he thanked her for her time
He said her company was enchanting,
the conversation was utterly divine
That he would be passing through her countryside
when he return from whence he now go
And if she deemed it properly so,
and felt the same as he,
they could have more time to let
a friendship take root and grow
She said when he returns from his quest,
at her abode come stop and rest
And she will tell him all his heart desires to know

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