Russian Roulette With Death

At night I sit at the table
death across from me
with his hollow black eyes that never end
and dark aura that swallows me
As we pass the gun back and forth
spin the barrel,aim it right at eachother
and squeeze the trigger
we both know the bullet will hit one of us eventually
there is no way to avoid it

As the gun makes its way to me again
I spin the barrel,point it at him
aim it straight between his eyes
I cant help but wonder
if this is the day that I beat death himself

his bony skull cocks sideways
his hollow black eyes staring into my
shattered soul
And as I squeeze the trigger..

A bang sounds throughout the room
shattering my eardrums as the bullet
lodges itself between deaths eyes
And I smile, knowing I have beat him

But he doesn't fall,doesnt move
doesn't die
And that's when I realize,
this Russian roulette with death
will never end until its ME behind the bullet.

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