Rustic Rummage

A trail leads to a barren riff,
where the sun & sands meet..
There sits in a canoe, my heart,
filled with innumerable queries..

For where do the shallow ripples flow,
to meet the mystic ocean's depths..
How do the small rivulets make their way
through the dense dark and rocky maze..
Why the paddy fields obtuse merrily and sway,
even when the wind furrows..
How the beautiful band arches,
amidst the misty haze..

Why do the clouds fill up my heart,
inspite of being so very light..
How empty the sky feels,
even when the shiny stars brim up at night..
Still how the weary eyes search,
for a shooting star..

To hope for a hope,
that hides behind a wink..
Only to roll down the cheek,
to meet the oceans so deep..
Oh so deep..

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