Rusty Photographs

Old memories like dirty film
Rumbling through the mill
Now is not where i want to be
When they die ill be free

If i live another life, let me forget this one
Abandon the pain of losing everything that once was,
I can't see you but the feeling still remains,
like water down the drain,
Seldom is there a trickle of your voice,
leaving an empty groove in the deserts of my mind

When I'm old and on my deathbed it won't matter,
Everything I've seen, everything I have held, none of it is mine.
Intangible colors and thoughts I can't define..
A ghost, a thought, a passing melody

Don't remind me of the sweet summer sunset
with clementines and baby's laughter,
moonlit walks and midnight chatter,

Oh agony, please don't let me fantasize
your hands, your lips, your eyes.
Pure torment behind a soft disguise,
Please, just let it die.. Let me be alone

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