Hungry for a home cooked meal, ready to eat something I can feel, satisfying my deserted fervor that was once surfeit, feeling the same kind of nausea, anxiety and thirst, soul ready to burst full of vacancy and faint remnants of what used to be, only thoughts of the past keep me nourished now, memories of when my palate flourished with the taste of cool green and white hot kisses, and hugs the color of Kentucky autumn leaves falling gently around me in the breeze, and when I would swim in cool refreshing water of blue eyes feckless and free, feeling weightless flying high above the trees of this world, tasting the stars like rice from Mammaw's jar, listening to our favorite song in the car on a cool July night, not worrying about might or maybe, just using the might of the magnetism between us force feeding us soul food. With our lips and eyes closed tight on each other, each moment creating a new memory that seems like a millennium to form, a perfect storm of passion and beauty imbued with love, give me your christmas snowman shaped cookies, take me places my heart can't go alone, show me your favorite memories, feed me your SOUL FOOD! Your fascinations, your obsessions, your dreams your every thought, make me want to paint you with words. Feed me every flavor, the bitter, the unsavory, the hurt and pain, the sweet and salty of your smile and your kiss and sustain me with the warmth of your embrace and your hand in mine and leave me every moment we're apart with the taste of your soul in my mouth, my mind, my heart and leave me missing your flavor.

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