S.h.a.t.t.e.r.e.d D.r.e.a.m.s

S- Shattered glass was how my heart felt.
H- Hoping one day, we could gain that unbreakable bond we never had.
A- A man who meant the world to me, yet I knew so little about.
T- Tears rolling down my face as I write this.
T- Tears my heart apart, to know that I will never see you again.
E- Every night dreaming of sitting with you, talking for hours.
R- Remembering all the time I wasted without a connection to you.
E- "Express how you feel Shakori, yet no one to talk to."
D- "Daddy, has grandpa gone to be with God?" , my sister ask.
D- Dispassionate to work hard for a bright future.
R- Really, why should I?
E- Everything around me was crumbling, why shouldn't I?
A- Again, I am determined to
M- Make someone of myself.
S- Success is what I want, not just for me but for Grandpa too.

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