Sibling, an eco-friendly term for the archenemy of your life
My brother agreed while giving me a good ole sinister smile.

Sibling, someone who can disrespect you with no limits
My brother nodded again after cussing me out for a minute.

It's like siblings are just born to get on your backs
Yet it's weird how sneakily they've got your backs.

My brother undoubtedly makes my voice raise up some octaves
Yet once upon a time, we were sitting on a roof sipping cocktail.

No words were spoken, no comments were made
Just us two, a brother and a sister, thinking about future days.

Someday it'll all be over, all those fights, all the good & bad times
And we'll find ourselves out there not ready for the goodbyes.

I still cannot bring myself to imagine the inevitable future
Where we'll be some grown ups, doing some grown up stuff.

My brother just kicked my chair as I'm writing this line
I guess it's my time to bring him closer to his deadline.

Sibling, just another term for the ultimate frenemy in our lives
My brother nodded while giving me a bunch of those high fives.

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Key Words : Sibling, Friend, Enemy

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This Poems Story

One of the most confusing friendship/rivalry in our lives is the one with our siblings. They do be your greatest nemesis, your greatest form of entertainment, the sole reason for your misery, yet your sneaky little friend all at the same time.