S.o.s Songs of Silence

Songs of Silence
The soloist steps onto the stage
And is ready to perform her song.
She opens her mouth,
To only find out that nothing will come out.
Dreaming of the time when the song would break
The silence and disturbed the air.
Bringing vibrations of lovely sounds
To ones ear.
The once duet that once gave love its harmony
Was taken away.
Leaving silence with its own song.
The instruments of silence
Melodically, harmonically, rhythmically
Are long bells that constantly gets louder.
Just like an intro to a song that escalates,
To the peek of its audible volume.
It provokes the silence to remain.
Versus of constant thought,
Sets a defense mechanism,
Leaving the song to continue on.
The stillness in the air,
Only remains,
To ensure,
An album is to be made.
As the melody continues to sooth.
The silence will never be broken
If the song continues on.

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