No one ever talks about the sacrifice.
No one ever tells you that once you’ve given yourself to someone there may be nothing left for you
He told me I was beautiful
The rich mosaic that comprised my soul
No one told him how mosaics are made
Piece by broken piece that I alone have managed to replace
That years of trauma chipped away at my very being
Making those mosaic tiles
No one told him that my soul was once a whole being
That life had slowly broken down piece by piece
I plastered back together the remnants I could find
No one ever tells you that even demons put to sleep will one day rise
Tucking them to bed one day the mask could someday fall
The ether dripped upon that mask the well could someday dry
Instead of handing plaster he decided not to replace the tiles as they fell
Until there was nothing left of ME at all
Swept away the pieces, ripped apart my soul
It’s up to me now
To search and find the tiles.
To search and find the masks
To try to calm my demons, and rectify my life

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