The blood I cry is all a waste
You won't accept me
All I want is you to love me
But you won't, your Ignorance is in control
I want my Mama
Not some lady that lets any and everyone think for her
I'm am your child not some nigga on the street
You make me feel worthless like shit
And you wonder, you wonder why I pull away from you
Why i thought of taking my life
Everything I do is wrong
I'm stupid I'm retarded I'm fat I'm a faggot I'm a bad child
And You shout at me when I do something"wrong"
And my big sista, ignored me
Acted as if, I was never conceived
Like, my mama and papa Neva met
So why, why am I here
What do you want from me. huh? huh?! God!
Tell me, tell me, so I can be free-
Free from confusion, free from pain-
For I have passed away
And my purpose, my purpose is of the unknown

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