Sacrificial Dinner

Gordon Ramsay and a baby
Slam! On the metal table it goes
They think he’s a little bit crazy
Splash! On his face and camera the afterbirth flows
The shock of the mother as the audience saw
A marinating bowl for the tiny child
And a heating stove; the crowd goes wild
A cry of worry? No; a cry of joy
Apprehension for the tasty boy
He kneads the meat
‘Till its soft and sweet
Chef’s focused expression and newborn cries
Tossed into the pan; they can’t believe their eyes
The smell soon rose
A tantalizing aroma that tickles your nose
The sizzle and pop of the chosen one
The wonderful scent of a baby soon done
Onlookers drool
And consider their children now in school
Its golden brown when he flips the new meal
The mother gasps at the strange appeal
Served with fresh herbs and spices
On a white plate, now red; her internal crisis
Yet her grin could not be bigger
As she ate her sacrificial dinner

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