The "volk" burst through the sacred door
With guns and khaki dress;
They sought the freedom as before
With which they could oppress.

Brutal force akin to crime
Lay in the armoured hands
And as in lawless times
They wished to seize the land.

The leader had no mind to cease
But urged his men to ignorance;
They sodomised the place of peace
Regardless of the consequence.

Police looked on in silent awe
Resisting to arrest
While ruthless men defied the law
Pretending to protest.

It makes one question the intent
Of rulers by minority
Who spoke the words of true dissent
But failed to act accordingly.

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    This Poems Story

    In 1993 in South Africa when the right to freedom was going to be given those who oppressed the black majority, many white South Africans were still opposed to the idea of a democracy. The poem speaks of those events.