Sad Ballad, Good News

I turned on the t.v. and saw the bad news,
was reminded of people with no food, homes, or shoes.
Then I heard of the dying who suffered through hunger,
the people who lived in the horrible weather.

Not wanting to watch more, I turned off the t.v.
and later went out in the world so I'd see;
Felt sorry for the homeless all out in the streets-
who, sometimes when sleeping, had nothing but sheets.

I observed from car windows most often at times
and thought of the poor, who didn't even have dimes.
My face appeared blank, while my soul searched the stem:
Why? Why does this ever happen to them?

I prayed for those people through each passing night,
then reflected on my own life which was perfectly right.
I smile for this life filled with all things I need,
I am thankful for also being able to read!

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