Sad Moon

As I gaze at you tonight,
Way up high in the sky,
I Wish I could glow by your side,
Thinking to myself I will never get there.
It is just a fantasy of a young girl,
And yet you give me hope.
You feed me words that keep me going.
Should I believe something so good to be true?
For I have known what it is to be a sad moon,
One that shines bright but fades when the night grows lighter.
Almost believing in what is the point of the glow I give,
For I disappear in the light of the morning sun.
And on those nights where the moon is nowhere in sight,
The promises are gone and doubt sets in,
Where we reframe our thinking that this is nothing,
Just a dream and it can all fall apart in reality.
But I know you are still there,
Waiting for the night to call you out.
As you come out and say hello old friend, I fall to my knees,
No longer resisting the moonlight,
No longer hiding in the shadows,
Giving me your all and taking it away at the light of the sun.
Still knowing you are there and I will suffer the day without you,
I wait for our chance to shine bright in the night sky!

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