Sad villian

Too high to fail
Too drunk to win
Smiling whirled dervish immersed in verses
Slurred speech and glazed eyes
Spilling uncommon truths out of his third eye
Some days his wish too die and hope to live are so intertwined
Truth and a lie
Purgatory personified
Too fly for suicide so he brought a parachute and a six pack to boot
Covered in soot from the fire he started in the roots of blue collar boots
Screaming for freedom and life with a little more meaning
Gleaning every drop of false happiness from a bottle of absinthe
Tiptoeing on scaffolding
Laughing about the humility of futility
Admitting he's a fuck up, a drunk and masochist
But more love for humanity than can be had on a mattress
A lull in the night, a silence before violence
purposeful jump or hapless misstep
Ended his life, to onlookers distress

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