Sadly Another Day

I woke up this morning both happy and sad
I said good morning to my mom but not my dad.
He was in my life until that day
A cop decided he was going to take his life away.
I put my clothes on and walked out the door
The only thing I want is another 24.
I was happy when I met up with my old school crew
Then my face changed when I saw the red white and blue.
The cop pulled up and pushed me against the hood
I knew today started off to good.
Nobody talked we knew it was a risk
The cop performed another stop and frisk.
He didn't find nothing so he let us go
But he made sure we saw him refill his ammo.
We turned around then heard a loud and close clack
And then I saw my homeboy land right on his back.
All I could do was cry and run away
But sadly I knew it was just another day.

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