Safe in Neverland

A little girl lays in her bed
Ready to rest her weary head
Looking out at the full moon
Hoping sleep will overtake her soon
She never feared the monsters under her bed
Because all her monsters were inside her head
So every night she looks out at the pale face
Wondering how her life became such a hollow place
All her friends never stay
So alone she gave up and ran away
To a wonderful place where dreams are real
And once more she could feel
Standing in the moonlight with real friends
She can feel as her heart mends
The little girl is not longer alone
There was no way for her to make it on her own
It feels as if a pressure is off her chest
Her true friends will be there for the rest
In the icy air she takes a breath
For the first time in years she doesn’t wish for death
And to all those with hearts of frost
I hope you realize what you lost
When you broke that little girl
Whose heart was a golden pearl

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