Who said the things I never said? There is something inside of me. Or is it someone, who could it be? It's like I'm daydreaming though I'm wide awake. Is it me or not me, could it be a fake? I'm by myself but not alone. I can feel his presence, his control has grown. He takes the wheel with me in tow. And I can't do a thing but watch him go. There is someone inside of me. There is something here waiting to be set free. Who is this person inside my head? He said the things I never said. By Saskue Lou

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This poem is about the other me my alterego my life has been anything but easy. In order to survive sometimes we develop this other identity. This primal self that doesn't know sorrow or fear only hate. Eventually after relying on that other us so much, we end up losing grip as they gain more control. Who is that inside of me? Am I me or is it He???