Sail, Sail Away

Sail, sail away to mi island of traditional dreams
Lovely thy sit pinked in this Garden of Ede
Thy promise to remain faithful and loyal to Thee
As mi fight thy evils with a sunshine of beams

Sail, Sail away lets pink clouds form for me
Woman of these eyes become the world to Thee
Clinging to beauty invisible on long days at sea
Thy vision traditional dresses many shall See

Sail, sail away mi demons that stew
Leaving thy family praying for a different brew
Pupils of light amaze from Thee sky
As mi past not bright were left to die

Sail, sail away protected by Angels of Mercy
Trees of mi past are no longer thirsty
Today no fool will mess with mi sky
As Phi, Phi away is graced and ready to fly

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired by a Vietnamese girl I knew who like so many others immigrated to the U.S for a new beginning and a new life. Most of them came by days at the sea. This poem is about here, Phi Phi, on the boat dreaming of her new life and letting go of her past.