Sail to the moon

There were times
That were tough
Memories made it rough
Times when the stars were gone
And I forgot how to sleep

The screams that were lashing
The creeks on my eyes
Blown away from the crashing
And trying to muffle my cries

My ears were a curtain
Soaked in blood
My hands were dried cracks
Rotten by the mud

The streets fell
In a voidness
By which much can't say
My time here
Was a blankness
So I'd travel away

I'll sail from the ocean
I'll sail to the moon
My home will be bygone
And I won't stop till noon

My dreams
will be forgotten
As I flee from thy land
Hope is my new abide
That was once stolen
Your man

And the truth that
Had befallen
Washed away from the rain
Will rise like a dandelion
Blown but still remains

The sky was a hazard
Gleaming with flames
Withered bodies with fire
And you forgot your shame

So I'll sail to the moon
In the night of the sea
I'll sail in the deepest water
Where stars will shine down on me

Time will be a broken watch
But I will sleep in peace
No shout or cry to be heard
Will be enough for a feast

My home is abolished
My people are destroyed
Their power is immune to me
So I'm sailing to the moon

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