Sailing Across the Galaxy

If I were to leave from your world would
You search the galaxy for me? Would you
Sail across the galaxy or ride Saturn's
rings? I was swept on a comet, across the
Sparkling night ocean. The sun would
Lead you away from the bitter void, into
The vanilla twilight we sail. Its not
Like the clouded lake of the milky way
Cause I could never see you. As the stars
Lean down to kiss you I reach my hands out
To the river so the moons daze can sweep me
Away from this soothing dream into your
Arms once more but I would never forget
The world that we sailed across on, you
And me it felt more like bliss, a soft
Cloud, an eternal night alone with you
So we could spine these stories about
The night into the clouded world, they
Never knew about the oceans galaxy.

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