Sailing Black Water

A ship broke in half, ancient in terms,
a bow wrought with seven golden swords,
lost in sands, drowned by worms.
She went down in the storms, of the head and of the heart.
The ocean swallowing us whole, as we learn to do our part.
Hoist the sails, let the wind catch your soul.
You are cast into this world with no place to go.
The sun at our back, the wind in our face,
what time is this now, that i seem a disgrace?
Piracy and Pirates, lead men to their fates.
Bewildering our children, bleeding their tastes, breeding to hate,
a life of waste.
They follow so blindly, the lazy, leading the way.
The children of the splendid, lead with no skill and no shame.
The turn of the rudders, guided by the wind of season and change,
leave no trace in the black water of people and fame.
The mysteries of the sea, as deep as can be.
are nothing to the mysteries of me.
The bell rang out again.
The hour casting a long shadow upon the breathe I took.
Standing upon the land, longing for the sea,
finding what it means to be free.
This never-land of hope, this never-land of dreams,
consecrates this never-land of schemes.
Sail strong with your name, cloth and steel will guide you,
the pieces you gain, will turn the black to blue.

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