Sunlight swept through the undertow,
cast stones into the afterglow
as wind creeps upon the chateau.
Grassy bluffs and the glassy waves
with spirits under the starry blaze
and a sky of wild indigo.
Adumbrated shadows dance the night.

Walking within the burning sapphire
with colors dreaming.

Bronze waters through the wine-dark clouds.
Bid travels into the winter shrouds
and the silver blankets of snow.
Sunder the drunken, lovelorn tune.
Pull curtains and sleep in the pallid moon.
Bring leaves for frail Scorpio.
Adumbrated shadows dance the night.

Boreal empress treads the lamplight
with colors dreaming of summer sun.

A mosaic of words, the birds take flight
and call a serenade.
Youth lulls the night and plants
the jasmine in her window-shade.
At last, the dawn glows in her eyes.

Cyclamen absorbs the rays, a hint of spring,
labyrinthine halls of weekend worshiping.
At last, the dawn dilutes the skies.

In autumn scenes, the white clouds glide,
the maple greens, the hidden field’s countryside.

Sailors beguile their minds,
as the river pours into the lake.
Specters take hold the helm
as children grope for the falling flake.
In lighthouse gleams
and rampart blasts,
this song is sewn.

Floating down the highway
as stone-walls trace a path.
Sleeping in the sunrise,
while the pawn hearts softly laugh.

Floating down the highway
while windmills catch the breeze.
Sleeping in the sunrise
which crawls over the emerald trees.

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This Poems Story

A reminiscence of small-town nightlife from sunset to sunrise.