Saint Kynburgha

She had been through much, though I don’t know what,
It was in her eyes, her stare, glass could be cut.
Or make you melt, because the beauty she exuded,
Dumbfounded for words, as if my brain was muted.
Longed for by many, by a great deal of fellow,
Unjust attempts, resulted in tragedies like Othello.
Wise as an owl, without fear like a lioness,
Hidden on purpose, behind her grace and shyness.
Hardened by experiences, stowed in her pack,
Created confidence in herself, only exceeded by the strength of her back.
Hiking though life, with a keen eye for simple treasures,
She found solace in nature, which were the source of her greatest adventures.
Determined and self-sufficient, to only depend on herself,
Happiness and peace, became the source of her wealth.
Her fortress was impenetrable, not a man could get through,
Yet, she may open the door, for a select chosen few.
A soul that is deep, as the greatest of canyon,
Must be matched equally, if to be her life-long companion.

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