Saint We Once Were

That age in life,
When everything was funny,
Entertainment, free;
Something as simple as climbing a tree.
Time was not existent
For joy was consistent.
Pain never lasted,
The world's negativity we contrasted.
We mastered forgiveness.
Mad at a friend one minute,
Playing with them the next.

Hakuna Matata, our silent creed;
Worries were for the older breed.
Simplicity used to be our law,
We could not be touched by money's evil claw.
Judgement was nowhere to be found
As we did not care how someone dressed or spoke,
Their skin color, or the God they believed in;
Everyone was an equal,
everyone was friend.

Sexuality we knew not,
Awkwardness was not yet brought.
Our little minds were innocent,
To have that back…I’d pay every cent.

Is He not outside of time?
Does not joy come from His grace?
"I come to forgive," said His holy rhyme.
You shall never worry when I am the one you praise.

Is not our treasure where our heart is found?
How can this be if we do not yet understand the value of a Pound?!
Be pure of mind and body
For you, my arms ran bloody.
Comfort those who weep,
My words, from you, they will reap.

Tell me perfection is not attainable,
That holiness, in us, is not possible.
Do not believe the lies of the devil,
Do not step down to the world's level.
Saints we once were,
Children on His lap were not rare,
"Be like a child," He said.
Maybe He whom you crucified –
Knew the Truth after all.

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