Sakura petals tumbled down to the ground,
Fitting perfectly to the harmonious background.

The waterfall lightly drizzled onto the rocks,
Flowing into a river while up above, circled hawks.

The trees were in the wind swaying peacefully,
As the flowers nodded their heads ever so gently.

A gray fox padded quietly into the clearing,
Taking a sip of water, it left as if disappearing.

In the water, the blossoming trees reflected,
Petal by petal drifted down as if connected.

Mountaintops could be seen in the far distant,
Snow nustled above, seeming almost non-existent.

The smell of nectar and bark was everywhere,
I took a breath of this natural air.

As the water droplets covered the trees.
The scent of damp earth lay under me,

The forest was filled with the whistling of the wind,
Sounds of the forest soon joined and intertwined.

The sound of the rushing waterfalls,
The animals, as they joined with their calls

Reaching out to touch the lake,
The water jumped out like a snake.

Wet splashes rose up as they fell onto my face,
I wiped them away as I sat back in my place.

The wind blew through the trees,
And sometimes I wish that time could freeze.

So I can enjoy this glorious sight,
Throughout the entire night
Walking through this sakura forest,
Where all the natural notes chorus.

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