Sally Joins the Crowd


She’s tired of being
a party of one
so she’ll run-away,
to where people
are fun.

It’s a corner bar,
with Bob
at the mic,
She got there late,
so it’s stand where you like.

“Who are these people?”
she asks herself.
Maybe they’re nice.
One looks
like an elf.

She thinks about drinks,
so she orders ‘em up,
and after some booze,
she shows her tattoos.

Stories and jokes
fly all over the place,
some making her feel
red in the face!

On the way home,
she was troubled with doubt.
“Did I overdo it?”
“Am I just a lout?”

Not for that crowd,
that’s why
she’ll go back.

Now she’s just
one of the pack.

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