My soul has been trapped for thousands of years in a day's time.
My thirst for life has been denied; yet my cries get buried faster
than my screams for true life. In my heart of unkempt truth, I saw
no depth to this hole. My tears, which would flow ever so often,
would dry faster than the sand on a desert's night.
I asked God, "Am I not worth the same as the man next to me? Is
my blood thinner than his? Do his tears fall from a worthy
cheek?" And yet in these words of truth, I got no reply. And I
asked, again,"Why do I die a thousand deaths? Is my soul
unworthy to be healed? Is that why You do not reply?"
God said to me, "It's not Me who has not answered you, it is you
who felt you were not worthy of My answers. I will always keep
you as My child, but you need to know you are worthy of being
kept. I love you, and every tear that you make gets noted. Every
empty glass gets filled. You just need to accept the glass that is
in front of you; and on that day of knowing inside worth, you will truly
know the real meaning of self-worth and faith."

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