Salvation [May 22, 2016]

There are clouds forming, dark and blue
They are hiding power, something new
Inside the swirling chaos and hate
There is thunder, There is fate

The ocean roars, it swells and rolls
It swallows the hate, and devours souls
Whirlpools whip, they lash and tear
Cyclones ravage without a care

In all this madness, on the open sea
One man stands, devoted and free
On the water of hatred and shadow
He searches for an end to the sorrow

The forces of nature are unforgiving
They try to destroy all that is living
The sea is judgment and salvation
To those who can face their fears and damnation

In the center of the storm it is calm
On his battered ship he raises his palm
He calls out with his voice and mind
He controls the storm and forces it to unwind

The storm falls apart without a word
His work done, he fades into a blur
Sun shines on the sparkling water
And he disappears, forever after

He was never known, but people wonder
Will he return, if it should ever thunder
He was a miracle, selfless and kind
He saved them, from the ravages of time

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