Same Ambition, Different Minds

Many people thrive to reach for their goals
Attacking any obstacle that barricades them
Fallen trees have stumbled their paths
While most will go over it
Few will choose to go around it
Deep holes beyond the fallen trees trap those who fell in
Many hopelessly trapped are now behind
The good, the bad, and the confused
Frustrated as to why this has happened
Everyone seems to have expressed their effort and desire equally
But everyone chooses different routes
Those who are trapped refuse to understand the truth
You see, the holes have already been there
The nature remains untouched
But little did they know, as time goes by
Frequent activities overshadow what was originally there
These are those who seek further beyond what the eyes can see
Ignoring the consequences that may protrude nearby
It is the integrity and commitment that guides the path
As long as the commitment is honest
You will reach your destination.

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