Same Suit

Same Suit

You wear the same suit
Some days I can’t even look you in the eye
They all wore the same suit as you
But I know yours is different
You all ran towards the same thing
I was at the finish line
But I know your race was different
More narrow
I know that
But did I feel it?
How could I when you wear the exact same suit
Did you choose to wear it on purpose?
I know you didn’t
I know that
Your suit is of different material
You told me that
I know that
But they still look the same
Somedays I see your brightly colored threads that built yours together
But in certain lighting your thread looks just like theirs
I know it’s not
I know that
The tears in your suit are even different
But you patch over them just like they did
Like nothing happened
Like all remnants of time and past hurts could be patched over
I know you don’t hide them on purpose
I know that
So, what do I do know with all these suits?
They hang neatly in the dustiest part of my mind
I try to take them down
I know they’re all different
I know yours is different
Yours is neatly pressed waiting there for me to just trust
But you all wear the same suit


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