San Diego Sunrise

In the salty sea air,
Waves are crashing loudly over there.
Only less than 30 minutes in the sun.
So we don't get sunburned.
A sad lesson we already learned.
To avoid premature aging & heat stroke.
Dehydration is not a joke.
The beach is beautiful for a moment.
But don't be there all day.
Or you will age more older in a day.
I try to preserve my youth.
A photograph will last.
It can capture the past.
A daily view from a window.
Is a wealth I wouldn't know.
Whining seagulls glide across the surface of the water.
Getting her feet wet at the shoreline is my daughter.
Going down the boardwalk on her scooter.
At ten years old could she be any cuter.
It has been over twenty years for a marriage I still wait.
At thirty seven I'd it too late.
I have never even been on a real date.
To be a couple I guess is not my destiny or fate.
To forever remain single is definately a curse.
The wind whispers it could be worse.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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