She said, "Come back"
As the cowboy rode back
The cowboy disappeared
As it seemed to be lasting a year

Oh what a dream
I wish I had woken from it sooner
It left it's mark on me
That dream felt realistic

The wind puffed and puffed
The swirling seemed to be going on forever
It swallowed every house and every horse in it's path
The swirling of the tragedy caused a sand storm.

Help! Save our souls! They screamed
The expression on the people's faces was heartbreaking
It was as if "The Scream" gained life.
Oh what a storm

The storm ended and the people acted as if nothing happened
Who does that?
Were the people hipnotized with the Tornado?
Or was it witchcraft?
The girl finally woke up from this horrific dream of hers

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