Sands of Eternity

Time trickles slowly,
interminably, in the cosmic hourglass,
at a granular rate I cannot perceive
To God, time has no relevance
How could it, when He spread
the universe instantaneously
This was done in less than
the smallest unit of time
we could ever calculate
The magnitude of this magnificent feat,
I could not conceive
As the eons move inexorably
at a galactically glacial pace,
this cosmic march from creation to creation
proceeds without haste
How can time move this way?
Because God resides in eternity,
and His hands move from infinity to infinity
When the sands of temporal time runs out at one end,
then the sands of eternity will begin, never to ever end
At this glorious rebirth,
there will be a new heaven and new earth
Only then will God literally dwell with men

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