Sands of Time

Fear runs through my body
as the return date nears
but that's not the sum
of all my fears
what if she doesn't like me, what will I do?
can I go through the tears?
afraid of being alone
I'm going insane
just trying to find what will be
I just want to calm my mind
but I am so very inclined
to believe I'm right
that things aren't the same
the changes of my heart
verse the reverse of hers
the clash will end
not only my heart
but ultimately my life
as I look forward
trying not to see the past
my heart falls to shreds
thinking of things to be said
like tears falling to the sands of time
turning every last grain
to a mess of mud and muck
as I try to slow time
to wade through my mistakes
thinking I just might have what it takes
to go back and change every mistake
even the saying "I'm only human"
cant change the past
only makes it more known
That I screwed up
and that the mess of mud
wasn't going to help
for the sands of twenty years wasted
could fill more than a thousand time glasses
and the more I move through
the muck of the sands of my twenty years
I find myself in over my head
it covers the light around me
leaving only darkness
and the suffocation
that will follow being stranded in words and lies
it was me who screwed
this life of mine

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