Sandy Hook

eleven days before Christmas
the same day when you could hear shots in the distance
around 9:30 at Sandy Hook Elementary School
a 20-year-old committed a crime so cruel
first two victims set off fear in children and teachers
the children had done the taught procedures
not much time later the man entered a classroom
where children hid for life in closets and the bathroom
he fatally shot 14 children and a teacher
these victims like everyone had a family and future
another classroom he entered of first graders
the teacher was shot trying to distract the invader
6 more children killed trying to flee their hiding spots
then 4 more innocent lives taken with 4 shots

not only on this day but on others and more to come
in a school to learn is where kids wonder if they’ll be the lucky some
the lucky some who don’t get shot
who says they’re safe or so they thought
and oh well what do we know cause we’re only children
but at least we're not the ones being funded by the national rifle association
America will never be great again
until the right to life is secure for both women and men

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